Microgreens are the quintessential example of big things coming in small packages. 

More and more research is coming out to support what many have known for a long time, that microgreens pack a huge punch when it comes to nutrients. Most microgreens contain much higher levels of various micro and macro nutrients than their fully grown counterparts. Each variety varies slightly in what it has to offer but adding any one of them to your diet is always a good idea. 

The possibilities are endless. There are so many variations in flavor and texture and so many different ways you can incorporate them into your meals. Some are great to add to a salad and some are great as a salad all on their own. In my many years of growing microgreens I have:

*Added them to smoothies

*Used them on sandwiches

*Snacked on them like popcorn

*Spiced up a salad

*Garnished a special meal

So many of us have a hard time getting enough leafy greens into our daily routines. Sometimes it seems like in order to get the many benefits that phytonutrient dense foods have to offer we need to eat salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For some of us, that's just not going to happen. Microgreens are an answer to that problem. With just a handful of them you can give your body the boost of goodness it needs. 

Because they are considered a specialty food, and are so nutrient dense, and they can be a bit tedious to grow and harvest, and they have such a short shelf-life resulting in many growers having a lot of waste, they have been marketed at rather extraordinarily high prices. Two Green Thumbs is committed to helping our friends and neighbors live healthier lifestyles and for this reason we are going to find more efficient, cost effective ways to supply this amazing resource. But this doesn't mean we are cutting corners. We, as with all of our products, will absolutely never stray from our organic roots and will always use the best compost available from our friends at Waste Not, a local compost company.



The way Two Green Thumbs are going to reduce waste and thereby provide you with microgreens much cheaper than anyone else is a subscription service. By taking the guess work out of what we grow we can cut our cost significantly and pass that savings on to you. We will start with five different microgreens varieties and will expand as we are able.





Probably the most popular microgreen variety, and for good reason. Just enough of a satisfying crunch that adds delicious complexity to any salad or sandwich while at the same time providing an abundant amount of beta-carotene, full B complex, and lots of protein. One cup of sunflower microgreens contain 20 grams of high quality plant protein! They are a complete plant protein, which means they contain all of the essential amino acids.


Salad Mix

A wonderful collection of greens of differing in color, texture and flavor. The mix includes: Arugula, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Endive, Kale, Mustards and Lettuces. The mix provides a very well rounded source of various nutrients that hits all the bases. The arugula and mustards provide for a very mild spice, the swiss chard provides for a slightly earthy tone and the kale a delicate crunch and nutrient powerhouse.



Peas are an abundant source of Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, protein, fiber, omega-3 and other various micronutrients. They have a great crunch, are very filling, and have a sweet taste. The flavor is reminiscent of a sugar pea and can be used culinarily in much the same way. It's a great addition to a salad or great even on its own as a healthy snack. 


Pak Choi

This microgreen variety is especially great in that it contains glucosinolates, which release isothiocyanates which can prevent the development of cancer by inhibiting carcinogens. Like many other microgreens varieties, it also has extremely high concentrations of viatmin C which boosts the immune system. 


Empress of India Nasturtium

Nasturtiums, especially when harvested and eaten before flowering, contain so many great healthy qualities. They have a spicy cress-like flavor and are so full of antioxidants. Vitamins A, B and C, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, fiber and copper are the most notable nutrients of this variety. Because the intense flavor could be too much for some we are offering the option to add this microgreen to your mild salad mix.

How the subscription works:

  • The minimum amount is $5 a week.

  • For this amount you will be able to choose one microgreen variety. Each additional variety is $5.

  • Sustainable and compostable molded pulp packaging is used for every variety.

  • You will receive an 8x6 square inch portion of live microgreens (the sooner you eat them after harvest, the more nutrients will be available for your body!)

  • You can pick up at the Sheboygan or Plymouth Farmers' Markets Saturday or Thursday.

  • If you buy 4 or more $5 weekly subscriptions you will get free delivery to anywhere in Sheboygan County. 

  • If you refer a friend who stays signed up for 3 months you will get a month of microgreens free!

  • Payments can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Messenger or cash upon delivery/pickup.

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